The Pool Link concept provides a practical approach to design solutions that are unlike any other, incorporating environmentally sustainable management and system design.

Pool Link will design and build value for money projects that maximise efficiency and minimise future operating and maintenance costs.

Environmentally Sustainable Management and System Design

Our comprehensive suite of services include:

  • consultation and master planning
  • architectural and engineering design
  • new aquatic facilities
  • condition reports and audits
  • refurbishment and upgrading
  • equipotential electrical bonding
  • wet deck conversion
  • fibre-tech interior surfacing
  • expansion joint repairs
  • leisure pools and interactive features
  • filtration systems
  • public water fountains – earthing and filtration
  • management strategies.

Design and Consultation

Design and consultation services are available for designated project briefs, including indicative funding estimates.

Condition Reports

Pool condition reports and repair options for commercial pool design, upgrades and refurbishment.

Structural and Hydraulic Engineering

Preparation of plans to approved standards and codes.

Repair and Refurbishment Systems

  • Remodelling and resurfacing systems
  • GFRP pediment and scum gutter covers
  • GFRP starting platform covers
  • Wet deck conversions
  • Hydraulics
  • Filtration Systems
  • Water dosing and sanitizing
  • Starting Platforms
  • Bulkheads

 Management Strategies

  • Staged refurbishment programs
  • Operational procedures and manuals
  • Community amenity rationalisation

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