The Modular GFRP Wet Deck System was first developed by Pool Link in 1988 and has been used in the construction and refurbishment of many public swimming pools throughout Australia.

This system uses a combination of factory moulded and insitu GFRP state-of-the-art profiles to create new wet deck edges and pediments. Additional custom design requirements can also be built into the new profiles. For example, the pool skimming edges can be relevelled and readjusted if future minor movement were to occur.

The Pool Link GFRP Wet Deck and Pediment Refurbishment System features:

  • horizontal tread surfaces with slip resistive impregnated textures and sandwich load-bearing laminates
  • wet decks that include longitudinal wave breaking pool gratings
  • pool-end wall pediments treated with complimentary profiles
  • tactile markings where required
  • tactile detailing to all exit points.

For pools built in the old non-standard length of 33 yards, we can incorporate our bulkhead profiles to create FINA standard 25 metre short course pools with adjoining teaching and leisure features.

The Pool Link GFRP Wet Deck Conversion System can also be used in the construction of new in-ground pools. Wet deck overflow gutters, including rear pediments, are available in pre-moulded sections. These are supplied complete with longitudinal overflow grates and are available in colours to suit specific site requirements.

When combining these modules with traditional concrete pool floor and wall construction techniques, it is possible to produce new in-ground wet deck pools at an extremely competitive price.


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