Pool Link specialise in all types of mini commercial waterslides including:

  • slippery dips
  • mini waterslides
  • closed flume tube profile slides
  • adventure cave slides.

Our high quality waterslides include a number of features for optimum performance and durability, including:

  • high sided safety flumes
  • non-slip entry seat and optional built in water jets
  • options for timber or steel support systems
  • modular GFRP entry step sets
  • colour matching to suit your pool
  • use with or without water flow, mats not required
  • high quality gelcoat and resin finishes.

Pool Link waterslides come in standard designs that are available in kit form or original designs can be built to suit your requirements. Pool Link’s team can complete the installation for you or we can supply the GFRP flume sections for DIY installation.