Pool Link specialises in original designs for new Leisure Pools and redevelopment of existing pools. Our unique Modular GFRP Lagoon Pool System avoids unnecessary destructive works to existing pools by utilising a modular construction system. This allows all features and pipework to be self-contained within our GFRP structures.

It also allows for the inclusion of profile features, such as:

  • free form rock and volcanoes
  • peninsulas
  • islands
  • reefs
  • lazy river profiles
  • beaches
  • caves.

At our factory we custom build our in-pool features that are then installed to strict standards by our on-site team, including:

  • mushroom showers (various sizes and colours)
  • crocodiles, serpents and bunyip sprays
  • monster sprays
  • geysers and volcanoes
  • tipping buckets
  • lighthouse slides
  • mini waterslides
  • adventure cave slides
  • run-out slides.


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