FlexiROC logo

FlexiROC is an Australian product developed by the manufacturers of Pool Link products. These unique, natural looking modular rock, sandstone and granite features have been designed to enhance your surroundings.

Each product has an authentic look and comes in durable, lightweight modular units that are easy to transport and install.

Perfect for your home, garden, business or resort there is an extensive range of products to choose from and your design can be fully customised.

Products include:

  • simulated lightweight rocks
  • plant nursemaids
  • water features
  • grottos
  • themed facades
  • columns and arbours
  • rock walls
  • themed walls
  • modular courtyard systems
  • entrances
  • stairways
  • garden edging.

The FlexiROC products are also ideal for aquatic leisure pools, allowing creative designs to be easily installed in both existing and new swimming pools, including:

  • themed in-pool water features
  • in-pool islands and peninsulas
  • leisure pool pediments and edgings
  • supporting structures for in-pool leisure features.

Designs can be fully customised, so please have a look at our photo gallery or visit our Leisure Pools page for more details on how FlexiROC can enhance your aquatic facility.