This system provides for a solid state GFRP watertight liner installed within a new or existing swimming pool. The Pool Link FibreTech Interior Surfacing system is also designed to be compatible with our GFRP Wet Deck and Pediment profiles.

Using this process, the pool floor is prepared and a Vinylester grade resin is applied. A combination of chopped strand matt laminate and Aquaguard vinylester based fillcoat and topcoat are then applied.

Lane markings to FINA standards (or as required) are applied using an Aquaguard black topcoat. Tactile indicators mark stairways, exit steps, changes of depth and the shallow end pool floor adjacent to end walls.

In older pools, insitu fibreglazing can be finished neatly at the lower edge of existing pool wall tiles or skimming gutter profiles.

Periodic re-painting of the pool interior will not be necessary. The lifespan of insitu laminate can exceed 20 years. The life of surface coatings is subject to pool water chemistry but will generally exceed 10 years.

Repair and refurbishment

Pool Link has developed a range of unique pool repair techniques. This includes our Modular GFRP Cover System that can be applied over existing and deteriorated pool pediment edges to create a completely new profile. The system has also been designed to include the repair of old starting blocks and in-pool expansion joints.

Expansion Joints

For expansion joint repair, Pool Link has developed a unique flexible fibreglass loop that is cast into the joint and remains intact.  This provides for a totally seamless and waterproof interior lining to all pool joints.

In general, in-pool expansion joint mastics have a maximum effective life of between 3 and 5 years.  This is accelerated if the pool is drained and left empty for long periods of time. Eventually all mastics dry out and harden.  When flexibility is lost they tend to detach from the joint edge and pool water flows into the joint.

The joint primary seal then becomes the only effective water stop. Once pool water penetrates the top mastic seal it will migrate along a joint until a breach in the primary water stop is found.  At that point it will pass through the joint and enter the under pool drainage system.

Pool Link has developed a unique flexible GFRP loop system that is cast into existing joints and, when combined with our FibreTech interior surfacing process, presents a totally secure and permanent joint seal. This process has been successfully employed for many years in public swimming pool construction and upgrades.

Crack Repairs

Cracks can be stabilized and filled with epoxy resin prior to the application of our insitu FibreTech surfacing.

Future minor cracking due to pool structural movement is usually taken up within the GFRP membrane.  Major movement resulting in further cracking of the pool basin can be repaired during the winter shutdown.


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