Pool Link 50m Pool

Pool Link is an Australian company with more than 30 years experience within the aquatic industry.

We specialise in all aspects of aquatic facility design, manufacture and construction. Our unique design solutions have been developed and refined over many years and numerous projects.

We strive to be ‘the name behind great ideas’, bringing innovative design, skilled engineering and quality workmanship to all of our projects.

Our team has a strong commitment to research and development that has resulted in a number of innovative systems in the design, construction and operation of swimming pools and aquatic centres across Australia.

Pool Link is also committed to providing value for money solutions with a view to minimising future operating and maintenance costs through the use of environmentally sustainable management and system design.

Past clients of Pool Link include local government, swimming coaches (including a number of Australia’s leading national and Olympic coaches), swim schools, sports and training facilities, resorts and tourist developments.

Pool Link was established in 1982 by CEO Des Dillon, and in 2012 John McMahon was appointed as Operations Manager. With this long history of design and innovation in the aquatic industry, Pool Link remains an industry leader.

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